Diet and Weight Loss Tips!

Here are some EFFECTIVE diet and weight loss tips that will get you on track FAST. Look, if you’re unhappy about how you look, then you need to just take that first step to get the ball rolling. Take 2 minutes to read this article to learn about a few ways you can take charge of your body and lose weight almost immediately.

Diet and Weight Loss Tips

1. Whatever you do, eat breakfast and make sure there’s plenty of protein in it

The biggest mistake I see people making is they skip breakfast. The next biggest mistake is they eat breakfast, but it’s all processed garbage with tons of sugars and carbs in it. The last one is people eat a light breakfast.

If there’s ever a meal to eat big, go with breakfast. Eat a big breakfast and then small meals for the rest of the day. Don’t save your big meal for dinner. BIG MISTAKE!

I recommend a breakfast that has eggs in it, maybe some black beans, and 1-2 pieces of fruit. Make me a happy camper and just try that out for 10 days. Get on the scale before you start and at day 10 as well. YOU’RE WELCOME.

2. Rinse yourself with cold water after each shower

Do this for 15 seconds. Yeah, it feels like torture. But it’s worth it if you want to lose weight. This is the quickest way to induce fat burning thermogenesis. Some things are not meant to be pleasant, but they’re effective. So you put up with them anyway. This is one of those things.

These 2 diet and weight loss tips are proven and RUTHLESSLY effective… do them.

Source by Jennifer Jolan