Jewellery For FMX Riders

Jewellery is rarely worn when the rider is racing on the circuit, but off circuit you can sport cool and funky earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, etc. Jewellery is available in different materials, like silver plated, bronze, solid silver, gold and even diamond studded, for that extra “bling” factor.

Let’s take a look at some of the styles that are making waves on the racing circuit for both men and women.


For men, chains can be made from solid silver or gold as per your choice. Chains that have a plaited look or are chunky look very cool and can be worn at any length, like worn short, closer to the neck, or long, almost touching your mid riff. You can even be innovative and find chains that resemble the ones on your bike. Now that will definitely be asked about. Girls can opt for thinner and prettier chains. They can even be filigree chains that don’t need a pendant.


Rings made of solid silver look really cool and funky. They can be inscribed with the letters FMX or can even be carved to look very interesting. If you are going to wear more than one ring on your hand, make sure that you wear thin rings as opposed to chunky, thick rings so it does not look like an overkill of silver. Rings and pendants can be from a set so it looks even cooler. Guys like wearing different figures, like skulls and crosses, on their rings to add some character. Girl’s rings are way more delicate and can sport precious stones as well. Some silver rings look fabulous with semi-precious coloured stones, too.


Large chunky pendants make a bold and unique statement. Guys like to sport more masculine pendants, like skulls, crosses, favourite brands, etc. Girls can opt for smaller, less chunky, but prettier pendants. Both can wear pendants studded with stones to make a “shiny” statement. Diamonds are a hot favourite this season on the circuit, may they be the regular white ones or the more interesting black diamonds.


Both guys and girls have ear piercings today. Small earrings, like studs, can even be worn under the helmet without it being an obstruction. Earrings need to be casual and funky to go along with the motocross clothing, which is very laid back and has a relaxed feel.

Source by Jeremy R Smith